Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MSRL: Black History & Literature Basics: Book Recommendations from RollingOut.com

Black History & Literature Basics
Book Recommendations from RollingOut.com

With the end of summer fast approaching, it's never too late to get young adults interested in history. What's even better is there is a set of books that epitomize and symbolize the Black experience in America and have withstood the test of time over the years. This list should be standard reading for any English Lit or American History course in high school or college.  Amir Shaw from RollingOut.com wrote this article, and it’s vital that our children know their history and read the books, that shape parts of our history in America and help frame issues of race and social justice for many.

RollingOut.com (7/27/2010):
Some books can change your life in a matter of hours. These books take readers on a mesmerizing journey and can create change by sparking personal growth. Here are several books that every black person in America should read before the age of 25. –amir shaw

To see the full list of book recommendations, click the link below from RollingOut.com:


Sunday, July 11, 2010

MSRL: 3-Week Deadlines and Why You Should Support Your Local Library

I have been living in my current community in Southwest Ohio for a little over one year now and recently, I took a trip to my local library. Now libraries aren't new to me and in fact, I consider myself somewhat of a "library geek" and I get very excited whenever I enter a library because they are some of the most exciting places in the world.  My mother used to take me to the library all the time when I was younger, and I came to learn to love the library in my high school years, when I had to do those long research papers (long before the internet), and I try to make a connection with and support a local library, wherever I live.  So, now that it's summer, I've had time to venture out and I have to say that the Greene County Library in Xenia, Ohio is quite great. They have a DVD collection that would put blockbuster to shame and you get a 7-day check out period (how can you beat that!) Their book collection is also outstanding and the customer service is awesome.

Now, the checkout period for books, is a different story. LOL! In my quest to read as many books as possible this summer, the effort to do so, is a little slower than I thought, because most of the books I have been trying to read are books that I have purchased and, as  a result, I read at my leisure, and, even if I'm in a hurry to read the books I own, I'm under no pressure to do so, considering that I don't have a deadline. However, as most library regulars know, you usually only have a few days, and in my case, approximately 3 weeks to read any book that I check out.  Hmmm, now this may pose a dilemma or I could turn it into an challenge/opportunity.  If I get books from the library, and try my best to stick to the "3-week" time frame, I may end up reading more books, more quickly. I'm trying, but let's just say, I've already renewed one of my library books because I missed the first deadline.  We will see how this little project goes.  Perhaps next summer I will read ONLY books from the library and start the project earlier in the summer. LOL!

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