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MSRL: Another AAMBC New Book Release, Echo Of Her Cry by Jamie Jones

AAMBC (African Americans On The Move Book Club)
New Book Release
Echo Of Her Cry by Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones is ready for her close up. She always did have a passion for writing since she was a little girl. Going from writing stories that only her family could read and writing scripts as a little girl in which she would act out all the characters; this 27 year old stay at home mom decided she is ready to share her passion of writing with the world. She once had a desire to have a successful music career, until she realized that being an author was not only a passion but it just fit her perfectly. After facing a number of rejections growing up trying to strive for a music career; she decided she would self-publish her debut novel, Echo of Her Cry to be in control of her own destiny. That’s when Passion Street Publications was born in which she is the CEO and Founder of. Jamie makes it clear that she would love to be signed to the right publisher. Until then; she is determined to be a respected self-published author. Jamie loves being with her family. She and her husband and 2 year old daughter reside in Houston, Texas.

Synopsis of Echo Of Her Cry:
Myla Pickins was the average carefree teenager living what seemed to be the perfect life. With successful parents in the food industry, a fun-spirited best friend, and the love & attention of almost every high school girl’s dream guy, life couldn’t be more rewarding-that is until devastating news, at least for an unwed teenager, abruptly halts her fun. While eventually accepting the upcoming role of motherhood, and with the support of her parents and boyfriend, Bernard, Myla begins to understand the changes she needs to make to improve her life. But the story is just beginning to unfold. Discover the shocking secret that will turn her world upside-down and force her to make decisions she never imagined. Will she break under pressure, or will she find the strength to move forward?

An Interview with Author Jamie Jones:
I wanted to write about teen pregnancy from a different prospective. It’s a fiction novel but very much realistic. I’m sure many will be able to relate to this book.
When you think of an echo; repetition comes to mind. The character Myla has many days and nights of non-stop crying. We all know that an echo fades-so that’s pretty much describes Myla’s healing process overtime. With the difficulties she experiences, her tears won’t dry overnight. It’s a process-which is why I chose to make Echo of Her Cry a 3-book series. I want each book to focus on her stages of healing.
It’s definitely been a learning process. Writing is a passion of mine so I have been thoroughly enjoying learning many things along the way. I will say though, that the part that requires the hardest work is marketing and promotion. Regardless of how good a book is-if people don’t know about it, the book won’t sale. So, my goal is to let as many people as possible know about, Echo of Her Cry.
Definitely I want a growing fan base and respect from readers. I also would like to get the attention of publishers.
There were times I did get writer’s block. When that happen I usually just close down my laptop and clear my mind until I can gather my thoughts. I don’t force anything. My best work comes naturally.
Well earlier I mentioned that Echo of Her Cry is a 3-book series, so I’m now working on part 2 and 3.
I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate you all for reading my book and giving me your feedback.

An Excerpt from Echo Of Her Cry:
No one should EVER have to end up here…
I lie face down on the concrete. Bloody, bruised, crying, struggling to stand…where am I? Who can I call for help? Immediately a vision of my cell phone popped into my head. I saw it just where I left it–in Benny’s room. I crawl, finding the strength to rise to my feet. I’m not very familiar with the location, but I think it’s close to my cousin’s house. I manage to hail a taxi that is leaving the neighborhood. It feels as though only seconds have passed as the driver parks. I limp until houses are within view. Thankfully, the neighborhood is way closer to Dennis than I thought. Staggering, I head down the street, constantly looking over my shoulder hoping they’re not behind me. The very thought forces me to try my hardest to run, regardless of the pain. Weak and numb from walking, my legs give way, forcing me to the ground. The initial shock of the pavement crashing into my face leaves me breathless, so breathless I fall into the temporary comfort of my body lying still. The comfort lasts but a second as thoughts of my attackers finding me jolt me to my feet. The next few moments are a blur, but I am thankful to find myself at Dennis’ doorstep. ‘Ding-dong!’ Screams of terror fire from the mouth of his wife, Joanna, at the sight of my bloody and swollen face. I still remember that horrific moment like yesterday. Like a CD spinning on repeat, it plays over and over and over in my head.
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MSRL: Another AMBC New Book Release, Every Twenty Four Hours by Cynthia Johnson

AAMBC (African Americans On The Move Book Club)
New Book Release
Every Twenty Four Hours

Cynthia Johnson (CJ) is a Christian, wife, mother, college graduate and a career woman.  She is also a breast cancer survivor and Caring Angel volunteer for Hospice of Dayton.  CJ has been jotting down storylines and poetry since grade school.  She has self-published two previous novels,Stop the Music and Straw Dreams, which are both inspirational novels that deal with her love of and dependence on God. She loves animals and long walks on the beach with her husband of twenty-five years.  She someday hopes to retire from her day job and lead a national cancer initiative to provide family support services for cancer patients.

Synopsis of Every Twenty Four Hours:
Eileen knows she is a ticking time bomb. Breast cancer runs in her family: Her mother and grandmother both died of the disease. And yet, when Eileen herself falls ill and must undergo a double mastectomy, she’s unprepared for the shock of confronting her own mortality. For help, she leans hard on her family: her eccentric and outspoken aunt, a kind friend who embodies the word “sisterhood,” her red-headed cousin whose free-spirited nature results in a revolving door of men as diverse as the United Nations, but who gives Eileen an unselfish gift that leaves the entire family speechless, and her two spirited young sons, who bring out her momma lioness.
Eileen’s certain she can teach her cancer a lesson; but cancer has some lessons in store for her. As she battles her disease, she must confront the true nature of her relationship with her less-than-loving boyfriend, she must reconcile her own cancer experiences with memories of her mother and grandmother, she must turn to God and faith more than ever before, and when an old flame reappears in her life, she might finally get her happily ever after—but only if she can find the strength to seize it for herself.

An Interview with Author Cynthia Johnson:
1. Where do you get your inspiration for your books?
I get my inspiration from my environment.  I write about things that I’ve been affected by in some way or that I’ve heard about or seen in my environment.  I select a topic and a message I want to communicate about that topic.  Then, I build a story around it.
2. What other books have you written? 
My first novel was Stop the Music, a story about domestic violence.  My second novel was Straw Dreams, a story about one girl’s dream to escape a dysfunctional family environment for a better life.  This May, I released my third novel, Every Twenty-Four Hours, which is a story about breast cancer.
3. Who are some of your favorite authors?
I don’t read as much as I’d like because I work full time, volunteer for Hospice, and am always trying to write something.  However, some of the authors I enjoy are Lisa Dale, Terry McMillan, and Toni Morrison.
 4. What’s the hardest part of writing a novel?
The hardest part of writing a novel for me is editing.  It’s difficult to become unemotionally involved with the characters to make the tough choices about cutting or rewriting scenes.  However, the goal is to make the manuscript flow nicely for readers so making those choices are necessary.
5. What advice would you give others who dream about seeing their manuscripts in print?
I’d tell them to self-publish. They should never let someone else define their destiny.  Some of the rejection letters are brutal, but you can’t let that stop you from accomplishing something you believe in. I don’t ever want to look back at life and know that I didn’t accomplish something I wanted because I let someone else discourage me.
6. How do you react to reviews about your novels?
Everyone wants a good review, but we’re people and we aren’t all the same and don’t enjoy the same types of books.  I believe there is a market for the inspirational stories that I write, so I don’t mind it if someone doesn’t like my novels.  I just hope everyone doesn’t feel that way.
 7. What do you hope to have accomplished with your writing in ten years?
 I hope that the amount of people that I touch with my novels grows by leaps and bounds, and I’d love to someday see something I’ve written be translated to the big screen. But mostly, I hope readers feel empowered by my heroines’ journeys.

Read An Excerpt from Every Twenty Four Hours :
Scene 1Overwhelmed, she let her head fall toward the table, and she buried her tear-soaked eyes in the bend of her arm. Why is this happening to me? Her chest felt heavy. Her mind was singed like blades of grass during a summer drought. Deep within there was still life, but the diagnosis made her exterior crumble. Seconds later a nauseous feeling overcame her, and she rushed to the bathroom, fell to her knees, and emptied the contents of her stomach in the toilet. She tucked her dangling hair behind her ears and rested her hands on the white porcelain throne as clear liquid continued to come up. When the flow had finally stopped, she slowly lifted herself up. Her knees cracked as her legs straightened. Standing, she made her way across the linoleum to the small wooden vanity. A toothbrush and a washcloth freshened her up instantly, but neither removed the excruciating pain of reality tearing through her head.
Scene 2
The corners of his mouth turned up. Eileen’s cheeks warmed. Within milliseconds, her insides felt mushy as a Popsicle on a hot summer’s afternoon. He was tall, handsome, clean-cut, and somewhere in his early twenties. His broad chest sculpted his tailored blue suit, and the scent of his cologne, geraniums with a woody musk base was a delight to her nose. Her mouth filled with saliva. Now she understood the hype in psych class about Pavlov’s dog. She swallowed several times.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yes.” She stood before him, mesmerized. Was jet fuel pumping through her veins instead of plasma? All she knew was that her head was definitely in the clouds.
Scene 3
“Okay, but did you make sure the gun is still here?” Sammy asked.
“No, but he wouldn’t take the gun. We only have it in case someone breaks in.”
“I don’t think he’d take it either, but I’d feel a whole lot better if you checked. You remember no one thought Tony would try to commit suicide either.”
“That’s ridiculous!” There he goes again comparing James’s emotional state to his father’s. “If it’ll make you shut up, I’ll show you,” she shouted. Eileen stormed to her bedroom. The sea-blue walls looked red through her enraged lenses. She grabbed hold of the doorknob and slung opened the closet door. It crashed into the plaster. But she didn’t care. Sammy had hit a nerve—severed the damn thing with his ice-pick tongue. Eileen pulled out the footstool that James had made her in shop class from beneath the rack of clothes. She saw Sammy watching her tensely. With her feet planted firmly against the wood grain, she reached high on top of the shelf where she kept the gun beneath an old blanket. Sammy offered to help, but she ignored him. Hadn’t
he done enough? She ran her hand along the wooden shelf and could feel a metal handle graze her fingertips. With her fingers locked around the metal, she pulled her hand back for Sammy to see. The proof was in her grasp. He was going to eat his words. All of them—choke on them like a big fat side of beef.

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MSRL: Review, Black Pearls: Daily Meditations by Eric V. Copage

Black Pearls: Daily Meditations, Affirmations, and Inspirations for African-AmericansBlack Pearls: Daily Meditations, Affirmations, and Inspirations for African-Americans by Eric V. Copage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had to read this book once before, a while a go when I was working for a college summer program, so I think it's only fitting that I read it again as I approach 40 and reflect on how life has changed since college and how the affirmations in this book can only help encourage me to get through the next stages of life.  Black Pearls is a great book to give as a gift (just as I received it) to college grads, BFFs, or anyone who you think needs some inspiration. Get you a copy and enjoy!

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MSRL: Review, The Yoga Directory by Linda Doeser

The Yoga DirectoryThe Yoga Directory by Linda Doeser
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great resource for anyone who is a yoga beginner with a need to learn the basics about yoga.  The history lesson at the beginning is great and the vivid photos that accompany each yoga post are fantastic. It's definitely something you should add to your fitness book collection.

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