MSRL: My Magazine Habit!

Another way to squeeze in some summer reading is to read magazines. I love magazines because they are quick and easy to read, very informative, and I will admit, sometimes it's just fun to look at the pictures!   And  I have a confession to make, I admit it,  I'm addicted....To magazines! It started a few years ago (really in college, but back then I couldn't afford to buy any).  Once I graduated and entered the work world though, I would buy issue after issue of my favorite magazines, so much so that it began to become a very expensive habit. Until now.....I have a new BFF,this wonderful service called Mag Hound ( Whoever thought of this must have had the same problem I had and knew how dangerous the love of magazines could be to your wallet. 

This is how Mag Hound works (it's so co cute too, their "mascot" is, well, a hound, a little dog who's tale wags when you log onto the site....but I digress!)  When you sign up for Mag Hound, you browse through the hundreds of magazine titles (they add new titles everyday), choose the ones you want for your subscription, add them to your list, and they give you a "once a month" subscription price that is far less than it would cost to purchase each magazine individually. So, for instance, I have signed up for about 6 or so magazines (don't judge me!), and I pay about $12.45 per month.  Now, think about it, most magazines have an average cost of at least $4.00 per issue. If you multiply that issue price by six ( that comes out to be abour $24 a month! - that's crazy right!)  So what Mag Hound does is feed a habit, at minimal costs, so that you don't have to break the bank just to read your favorite magazines (and if you let them pile up, you don't feel so bad). And get this, if one of the mags on your list is unavailable for that particular month (maybe it's a 10 month or quarterly publication) then you can choose a list of "substitutes" that can fill the place of the mag your not getting so that you can have non-stop delivery of your favorite reading material. Isn't that fantastic! And, another great perk is that you can switch or interchange the magazines you want at any time, so say you have a subscription to Glamour but you want to try Cosmo, you can do it all by the click of a button. Now, there may be a delay in your delivery when you do that, however, best believe, Mag Hound is so organized that you can log on to your account and see exactly when each issue of each magazine is scheduled to be delivered. And, if you know of other "Mag Hounds" in your life, you can even purchase gift subscriptions for the ones you love (or like a little!)

It's important when choosing magazines to focus on your interests. I consider myself a well-rounded, well informed person and my subscriptions include a combination of news and information, beauty and fashion, culture, and hobbies, that reflect that:
  • Real Simple Magazine (I love the format and size, easy to read, great tips and lists, great recipes)
  • Essence Magazine (I have been reading Essence since I was a teenager when my mother had a subscription and it's the perfect source for keeping up with the news, fashion, and issues that affect Black women)
  • Newsweek Magazine (I like to stay informed and I love Newsweek, especially since they changed their format. the articles are quicker to read, bigger, brighter photos, and it helps you have a conversation with someone about world affairs and you might just sound like you know what you are talking about!)
  • Poets & Writers Magazine (Delivered quarterly, I have been reading PW on an off since college and it's a great magazine for writers, authors, bloggers, and poets. It's a fantastic resource for those serious about writing, highlighting writing programs, new books, literary journals, conferences/retreats, and contests.)
  • Writer's Digest Magazine (Ditto on the above, and it's delivered monthly. What I do like about both PW and WD is that they have very interactive online communities for writers and always provide great resources for websites and making connections with other writers.)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine (Because I have all of these business ideas floating around in my head, I figured it would be a smart move to stop talking to myself about it and to start bringing my ideas to life! Entrepreneur has always been a great resource!
  • Food & Wine Magazine  (Because I'm trying to venture out and become a better cook, I thought I would add FW to my list for fun, plus I just enjoy looking at the fabulous photos and I do plan to try every wine they recommend, it's the only right thing to do! LOL)
  • Food Everyday by Martha Stewart (This is just a very cute, very to the point food magazine and what I love the most is that it comes if a very small compact format and that Martha Stewart provides a "grocery list" at the back of each issue that you can easily take to the store with you when its time to shop.)