MSRL Review: How to Be Your Own Publicist by Jessica Hatchigan

How to be Your Own Publicist How to be Your Own Publicist by Jessica Hatchigan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Since embarking on my quest to become an author/entrepreneur, I have been seeking books that will assist me in the process. I also look for books that are not too wordy, not to heavy with author anecdotes and "advertising" but books that provide basic facts and steps to accomplish a goal.  How To Be Your Own Publicist is such a book. Although geared more towards people who are actually creating products, this book can be applied to anyone offering any type of service or product, even a creative product.  It was easy to ready, easy to outline, and easy to find the information you needed. The chapters were labeled exactly what they were.  This book takes you through a step by step process of how to create a publicity campaign for yourself and provides great examples. My only criticism of the book is that, some of the chapters repeat some of the same information that was shared in a previous chapter, making it appear as if there was nothing new to say about that particular topic.  Also,because this book was written in 2002, some of the information on publicity as it relates to the internet and eletronic formats of publicity are a little outdated already. I would love to see a new updated version of this book because it is a great resource.

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