MSRL: 3-Week Deadlines and Why You Should Support Your Local Library

I have been living in my current community in Southwest Ohio for a little over one year now and recently, I took a trip to my local library. Now libraries aren't new to me and in fact, I consider myself somewhat of a "library geek" and I get very excited whenever I enter a library because they are some of the most exciting places in the world.  My mother used to take me to the library all the time when I was younger, and I came to learn to love the library in my high school years, when I had to do those long research papers (long before the internet), and I try to make a connection with and support a local library, wherever I live.  So, now that it's summer, I've had time to venture out and I have to say that the Greene County Library in Xenia, Ohio is quite great. They have a DVD collection that would put blockbuster to shame and you get a 7-day check out period (how can you beat that!) Their book collection is also outstanding and the customer service is awesome.

Now, the checkout period for books, is a different story. LOL! In my quest to read as many books as possible this summer, the effort to do so, is a little slower than I thought, because most of the books I have been trying to read are books that I have purchased and, as  a result, I read at my leisure, and, even if I'm in a hurry to read the books I own, I'm under no pressure to do so, considering that I don't have a deadline. However, as most library regulars know, you usually only have a few days, and in my case, approximately 3 weeks to read any book that I check out.  Hmmm, now this may pose a dilemma or I could turn it into an challenge/opportunity.  If I get books from the library, and try my best to stick to the "3-week" time frame, I may end up reading more books, more quickly. I'm trying, but let's just say, I've already renewed one of my library books because I missed the first deadline.  We will see how this little project goes.  Perhaps next summer I will read ONLY books from the library and start the project earlier in the summer. LOL!

my summer reading list