MSRL: beauty book review: The 5-Minute Face

For anyone who is serious about makeup application, this is definitely a book for you.  The 5-Minute Face, The Quick and Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman by Car Mindy is a fabulous, vividly illustrated guide that outlines the basics of makeup for anyone. My favorite highlights of the book are Chapter 4: The 5-Minute Face (What woman doesn't want to be able to do her makeup and look fabulous in 5 minutes, this chapter is a must read), Chapter 5: The Best Makeup Colors for Your Skin Tone (love this chapter because it shows beautiful women of all shades, and Chapter 6: Beautiful at Every Age (I love that she shows us make makeup makes sense and looks appropriate at all ages).  Overall, this is a great book with beautiful photography and it would be a great addition to your beauty book collection.
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