MSRL: Poetry Review: Poets Under 25 & The New Young American Poets

In my quest to stay up on my poetry (since I'm a poet myself), I'm challenging myself to read more poetry, review the latest volumes as well as make sure I pay homage to the poetic pioneers. Here are two books I recommend for a modern fresh take on poetry from young poets:

Time You Let Me In (Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye) (2010) - This book features a diverse group of poets all under 25, like  Nicole Guenther, Lauren Espinoza, Henry Mills, Jocelyn Scott, Amal Khan, Jonah Ogles, Tala Abu Rahmeh, Matthew Baker, and Mario Chard.

The New Young American Poets: An Anthology (Edited by Kevin Prufer) (2000) - This book features an eclectic mix of poets like Sherman Alexie, Paul Beatty, Rafael Campo, Denise Duhamel, Susan Gardinier, Timothy Liu, Angela Shaw, Natasha Trethewey, Sam Witt, and Kevin Young. 

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