MSRL: We'll Never Tell - A Tale of Sorority Betrayal?

We'll Never TellWe'll Never Tell by Kayla Perrin
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I totally forgot I had finished reading this book already (this past summer) but I never got around to doing my review.

What can I say about We'll Never Tell? It was a fun summer read. I have read Kayla Perrin novels before and I will say that I enjoyed her other books, The Delta Sisters and and The Sisters of Theta Phi Kappa, a little bit more. I guess partly because I understood the formula and I kind of knew what to expect, however, I guess I was more highly disappointed with the ending of We'll Never Tell than I was with the other two similarly themed novels. The ending just made no sense whatsoever, it wasn't logical, it didn't fit and honestly, I was mad by the time I got to the end.  I do plan to read more Kayla Perrin and support her as a writer because I think she's a great young novelist who appeals to the college aged woman, to those women  who like mysteries, and to those women who just want to good romantic read.  Coincidentally, I also recently picked up A Holiday Surprise that features Perrin as one of three authors of a holiday themed novella.

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