MSRL: Yoga Body Diet - Eat and Exercise for Your Body "Type"

Yoga Body DietYoga Body Diet by Kristen Schultz Dollard

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MY REVIEW:  I love, love, love this book! It's the first fitness/diet book that actually breaks down what "type" of eater you are and what type of fitness and diet plan you should be on. Who knew there was a type? This revelation has allowed me to realize that there is not "one size fits all" for diets I'm interested in trying and that in order to find something that works for me, I need to figure out how I work, then go from there.

I also like that this book provides a pre-quiz to help you figure out what "type" you are along with a recommended yoga plan and recipes to cook for your eating plan.

I recommend this book for anyone who thinks they might be "yoga-challenged" and not sure where to start. Start here.

And by the way, Rodale Books has a whole series of health/fitness books that all look very interesting.

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