MSRL: Cookbook Review - The Carefree Cook

The Carefree CookThe Carefree Cook by Rick Rodgers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While The Carefree Cook has a very appealing cover and very what looks to be mouthwatering and fairly easy to follow recipes, I'm a little disappointed in the lack of vivid color photos to match the recipes. There are a few photos sporadically placed throughout the book, but not enough for me.  This cookbook reminds me more of a textbook rather than a modern cookbook, it's like I feel like I should be enrolled in a class in order to even be able to follow along and that I'm going to get reading assignments and quizzes every week. Perhaps that's what the author was going for, in the old school manner of a traditional cookbook like The Joy of Cooking and others, you know, as if to say, "if you are a serious cook, you don't need pictures". Well, call me old fashioned but I am a serious cook and  I do enjoy kid-friendly color photos on every page of a cookbook so that I can see just how a recipe should look.

Otherwise, The Carefree Cook has some great recipes and I would probably consider adding the book to my collection....eventually.

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