MSRL: New Book Release from AAMBC - Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You!

New Book Release from AAMBC
Jesus Saves Lexi: If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You! by Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard 

The State of Michigan attempts to kill a retired adult entertainer!  The President and U.S. Federal Government condones it to cover up two politicians involvement in double murders and a 20-year relationship with a former NFL player who had a pension for  sexual pleasures with  minors.

The high-profile professional entertainer wanted to completely escape the world of adult entertainment and get out of the business altogether. She turned her life over to the Lord only to discover that being saved by  Jesus Christ just made it more difficult to  get out of the business.  As a result, she was denied her U.S Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Speech and Religion, and someone tried to kill her.
Book Excerpt from Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You! 
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Interview with the Author:
What inspired you to write “Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You!”?
The eternal love of God inspired me to write this non-fiction book. 
What are the controversial topics in the book?
There are many controversial topics in the book. Some people might say the content is  too graphic and explicit, and the book includes real names, dates and times, etc. The book is also very detailed about the hidden dark secrets of the world of adult entertainment.
Do you have any future projects?
Yes, I have many ideas for future projects.  I have considered a sequence or  Part 2 or  of “Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You!  The name might be slightly different, but I am not certain what my next project will be.
Do you regret the truthful information written in the book?
How do you hope having written this book will affect the lives of others?
My hope is that this book will have a life changing effect on my life as well as the lives of others!
What Do You Want Others to Take From Your Journey?
In desperate situations and when there is no one in the world that will help you, but if you have 100% in faith, belief and  trust in God, everything will turn out all right.

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