MSRL: AAMBC To Honor Slain Author At Annual Awards in Baltimore

MSRL:  AAMBC To Honor Slain Author At Annual Awards in Baltimore

In 2012, AAMBC will celebrate African American literature with its fourth year of annual literary awards. A company launched in 2008 by an aspiring writer, Tamika Newhouse, at the age of 20,  she set out to expose unknown writers. In less than a decade, AAMBC has  grown to be one of the most recognizable and sought after sources of literature and author exposure. Paving the way for writers and other affiliates who have followed AAMBC’s lead, this year the company has added more to it's growing number of ways to contribute to African American literature.

Author Nate "Nati" Holmes was gunned down in Phoenix, Arizona leaving behind a legacy he still had yet to fulfill. Many of his friends and colleagues mourned his death including AAMBC founder, Tamika Newhouse. Tamika had the desire to pay tribute to Nate Holmes, and in March 2012 announced the “Nate Holmes Honorary Award” that will be added to the annual AAMBC Literary Awards.  To be eligible for  this award the honoree must show that they perform selfless acts of "literary kindness" such as supporting fellow writers, promoting other’s books and events and is a person who has a genuine mission of supporting everyone. 

Stay tuned to find out who the winner is at the Baltimore Urban Book Festival on  May 6, 2012.

More info on the awards and the Baltimore Urban Book Festival can be found at

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