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New Book Release
Daisy Jones by Mack Mama

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Synopsis of Daisy Jones:
Daisy Jones is a bad ‘lil Mama. Her mother raised her to manipulate men for their power and money. She let her heart in the game and fell victim to hip hop mogul Young Chio. The journey starts in Atlanta, Georgia and ends up in the fast paced New York City. Daisy and her girls, the O.B.G’s will make your head spin and your jaw drop at the treachery and backstabbing that occurs throughout the ride. The ending will surely teach all gold diggers that getting their “Daisy Jones” on may not turn out like they think.
Behind the story:
Author Mack Mama's Bio:
Mack Mama is a self published Author with two titles released under her publishing house Star Status Publishing.  Her autobiography is called “Tales of an Original Bad Girl” and tells the riveting story of her life.  She tells her story with such raw honesty that you relive the pain she felt when her mom died of AIDS when she was only sixteen.  She shares what made her run to the streets with such vengeance and all the fury she felt when she shot four people. She also diagnosis the insanity that she lived through and talks about the change she has undergone to become the woman she is today.  She is a motivational speaker and shares her testimony with the troubled teens in schools around the country. Her autobiography includes 116 pictures and a Soundtrack.  What better way to get to know Mack Mama.  Read about her, enjoy the visuals, and hear her music all at once. “Daisy Jones” is the follow up novel and an incredible fiction sure to certify Mack as a genuine author.
Check out the soundtrack for her autobiography the self-titled cd “MACK MAMA” and see why she is truly what the Music Industry and the world needs.  She has the total package, the look, talent to stand on her own lyrically, the business savvy to make her publishing company successful and the credibility to make her stories believable.

An Interview with Author, Mack Mama:

After being incarcerated and read many urban lit novels, and wanted to pen a story that was unique. I have strong female characters that show that women can get gangster too.
It is also a strong moral message, that subliminally hits you at the end, about the danger of manipulation and drug use.
My writing style is raw, and in your face. I give great character back stories so that you see their growth right before your eyes. I always have a message at the end of the twist, turns and debauchery.
It took me two years to write Daisy Jones, only because some one stole the first 15 chapters. I was so excited about my book that I told everyone on my tier. I was in prison around a lot of jealous women. It really hurt and discouraged me. So, I had to regroup and when I began writing the story actually came out even better.
I have my autobiography “Tales of an Original Bad Girl” and the sequel to Daisy Jones “Mistress” is coming soon. “Lessons of an Original Bad Girl” which is the sister to my autobiography will be up next. I speak to at-risk teens about my life and the adversities that I have overcome. Lessons will include a built in curriculum, and will address issues of self esteem, peer pressure, anger management etc. I am also working on a short about a man who is being physically abused by his woman. Girl is just not ready for the mind screwing (manipulation) that an older man can do to her.

1. What made you decide to start writing novels?
I was incarcerated and had read numerous books. I decided I had a story inside of me that would be unique.
I was tired of the same old urban fiction. I lived the lifestyle that was often depicted in the novels I loved, so I am an authority on an authentic street story.
I wrote Daisy Jones and an author was born. I didn’t release Daisy Jones until after I wrote and released Tales of an Original Bad Girl. I wanted people to read my memoir and get a sense of who I am opposed to popping out the blue as another street lit author.
2. Why did you feel that your life story would be interesting?
I have lived a life few people could imagine. I have experienced drugs, sex and alcohol and wasn’t a rock star. My mom died when I was sixteen years old from the AIDS Virus and it rocked my world. I turned into a very bitter, disgruntled wild teen and ran to the streets with a vengeance.
I knew that my story could possibly save a life or deter a person that can identify with my situation from choosing the path that I ran down. I was mentally, emotionally and physically abused by my ex-husband who was nine years my senior.
I had a bout with post partum depression that I discuss candidly. These issues affect millions of women. My story needed to be told so I wrote it and poured my heart and soul onto the pages. I purged and shared my life with such honesty and raw emotion that people that have read it love me!
3. How much time did you do in prison?
Thirteen years in total. I went from being the valedictorian in Junior High school to earning a degree from the school of Hard knocks. I ran in and out of prison like it was a time-share. I destroyed my record and let my family down time and time again.
4. What happened to your music career?
It never went anywhere because I did so much time. My music is my first love, I rap and sing and I put out a soundtrack with every book I have released. Tales of an Original Bad Girl has a soundtrack that sells on itunes called “Mack Mama”. The chapters in the book are the song titles on the cd. You read “Don’t turn out like me” and then pop in the song. It gives you the entire Mack Mama experience.
My books are like my husband that I love, they pay my bills and music is my lover, who makes me feel sooo good, but has no money.  There was simply no money in it for me, although I am extremely talented. It is notoriously hard for females to make it in the music industry. I love books because even independently, as a self-published author you can make a living off of your writing.
5. What motivates you to write?
My daughter. She is so proud of me and I want to continue to keep her beaming and bragging that her mom is an author.
6. What do you do to give back to the community?
I have developed an online mentoring program to provide after care with the girls that I speak to during my speaking engagements. I felt like after I talk to the at-risk youth where do they go from there. If I had a mentor that I respected and believed that, they knew what I was going through, perhaps I would have listened. It sure would have saved me years of turmoil.
7. What would you like the readers to know?
Take a shot on my books. I may be a new author but I won’t be going anywhere soon. I am a reliable brand. I have two new books on the way and I’m determined to make Star Status Publishing a household name.
I also want them to tune in to my radio show on Mack Mama’s World Radio on blogtalk, you would absolutely love my show. I have interviewed the best in the business. My shows are incredibly untamed and lively. Check me out. I also blog for Corner Store Magazine my blogs are interesting and gives you my spin on life issues and gossip.
Also, go to my mentoring site and donate to a wonderful cause. I love the children and am dedicated to doing my part in saving the at-risk youth from their ruins. It takes time, and finances to get them into positive activities, workshops and outings. I need help!
Thank you AAMBC for allowing me to use your platform to introduce myself to the masses.
I have an online mentorship program called I am taking donations for my program to assist me in taking the kids off the streets for the summer. Visit the site and learn more about the program.
Thanks for the interview and I love all my readers, supporters for loving me. Check out my radio show it is off the chain Mack Mama’s World Radio.
Thanks to all my supporters and “fam” that purchase, follow, listen and spread the word about MACK MAMA. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.
Blessings, Mack Mama
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